Summer 2019 Trend Report

We’re about half way through summer which means that you’ve got one month left to dress your summer best! Anyone else been soaking up as much sun and warmer weather as possible? I feel like winter can drone on and the second the sun peaks, everyone gets excited, including me! So for all you babes interested in learning more about whats on trend, I’ve rounded up my favorite items in each category! Whether you’re looking for inspiration or for a specific item, I’ve got you covered with my favorites.

Theodore Mini Goldendoodle: New Puppy Checklist & Tips

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Theodore, 5 Months Old 

Hi friends! As many of you know, Phil and I got a mini goldendoodle puppy in March. His name is Theodore and he is the apple of our eye.  He is currently nine months old and he is growing so fast. I get questions & DMs about Theodore everyday. I wanted to write an article for you all to answer the most common questions and share my tips if you are getting a puppy.

Essential Tips For Writing an Effective Resume

best resume tips

A clean and easy-to-read resume is crucial to get your application noticed in the pile. It’s the first impression you give a potential employer and you want to show that you are someone they must move forward in the process. A poor resume can quickly screen you out of opportunities. When I was a student at Cornell and Columbia Business School, I spent a lot of time with career services editing my resume and since, I have helped many friends fine tune their resumes. In this article, I am sharing the essential tips I learned for writing an effective resume. Whether you are applying for a new job or simply redesigning your current resume, I hope this article will help you along the way! To give you a head start, I am also providing with two free resume templates below.

10 Must-Have Sneakers For Your Closet

If you have been following my feed on Instagram, you know that I wear sneakers frequently. I love wearing sneakers around because they are cute, versatile and great to wear with casual every day outfits. I have rounded up my favorite sneakers for you. Throw a pair on on with almost anything and you will have an outfit that looks effortlessly cool. The best part is that most of them are under $100.

How To Get Into A Top Business School

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Sweater / Jeans / Necklace / Computer / Book

I am so excited to finally share this article. It’s been a long work in progress and it covers a topic many of you have asked me about – advice on applying to business school! Business school admissions are extremely competitive. And for many, the business school application process is long and grueling. My husband, Philip, has an MBA from Wharton and I have one semester left at Columbia Business School. We both learned a lot throughout the application process so I’m spilling all our secrets and resources to help you get into the business school of your choice. You’ll find our best business school application tips consolidated in this post!