Holiday Gift Guide: For Dogs

I am so excited to share my holiday gift guide for dogs with you! Secret is out – I was most excited to write this gift guide. We own almost every item on the list and all of the items on this gift guide are things that Thedore loves (and your pup will too)! I tried to include items at various price points ($2 – $112). Pro tip – if you wrap your dogs presents like we do, put some treats in the paper or box. Your pup will love it!

1 Water Bottle / 2 Squeaky Balls / 3 Custom Dog Tag/ 4 Aztec Dog Collar / 5 Yeti Water Bowl / 6 Mendotapet Dog Leash / 7 Holiday Bandanas / 8 Benebone / 9 Sweet Potato Chew / 10 Floppy Bunny / 11 Glow Ball / 12 IQ Treat Ball / 13 Sweater / 14 Ornament / 15 Dog Bed

1. Water Bottle This dog water bottle is awesome and we have purchased it three times – in black and blue. It doesn’t leak and it’s easy for your dog to drink from. We take it on every trip, walk and hike for Theodore! (Also linked on Chewy here)

2. Squeaky Balls Good quality and great price. For $2, this ball pack can’t be beat. We get the small size for Theodore. Theodore loves how squeaky the balls are and I like how the balls do not have any plastic squeakers on the outside of the ball that he could choke on.

3. Custom Dog Nametag This dog nametag is super cute, the perfect size and easy to fit your personal information on the back. We got the 1.25″ tag in nickel, #7 (mountains & trees) for Theodore. The quality is exceptional. Theodore has worn it for a year and it has not tarnished.

4. Aztec Dog Collar Theodore has had this collar for two years. The aztec prints are so pretty and the quality is great. We got theodore the collar with an “umber silver buckle” in size M (3/4wide 13-17 long).

5. Yeti Water Bowl This water bowl has been a real winner in our household. It’s machine washable, very sturdy and light-weight. It keeps water cool and Theodore uses the navy color. Highly recommend.

6. Mendotapet Dog Leash I get so many compliments on this leash! We have the 4-ft long and 6-ft long, 1/2-in wide leash in red. Theodore is very strong and this leash has been perfect. It’s very durable, great quality, machine-washable and a good value. Several of our friends in the neighborhood have purchased it for their pups too.

7. Holiday Bandanas We have been ordering Kzhareen bandanas on Amazon for a while now for various occasions. These bandanas are so cute, festive and good quality. They are easy to tie and won’t fall off.

8. Benebone Theodore is a big chewer and loves this toy. We have had this bone for a while and Theodore has not chewed it down yet. I prefer Benebones for Theodore over elk/deer bones because he splits elk/deer bons easily. I have never had to worry when Theodore is chewing the Benebone.

9. Sweet Potato Chew Theodore loves these sweet potato chews and they do not cause any allergies for him (which is a big win)! The chews are 100% sweet potato, 0% fat and a sweet treat for your pup.

10. Floppy Bunny This has been one of Theodore’s favorite stuffed animals. He loves to play fetch and tug of war with this bunny.

11. Glow Ball You 100% need this ball for evening play with your dog. No battery needed. It lights up quickly with a flashlight or your phone flashlight – and it stays lit for a while. It is very durable, bouncy and does not have any squeakers. Theodore loves it so much, we got the medium and small sizes.

12. IQ Treat Ball We got this toy when Theodore was a baby and he still loves it. He loves knocking it around and it keeps him entertained for 20 mintues or so.

13. Sweater I am the biggest fan of and frequent shopper at Fluff Alpaca. Their wearables and home goods are all made from alpaca fiber which is both sustainable and cruelty-free. I love that I know exactly where and how Fluff Alpaca’s products are made. Fluff has a fabulous selection of sweaters for your pup for the holiday season. Is your pup not a fan of sweaters? Check out Fluff Alpaca’s holiday store for pets for other options like this Alpaca toy!

14. Ornament Ok, technically not a gift for your pup… but I can’t think of a cuter gift for your tree! I’m going to get my mom the Westie ornament for Christmas this year 🙂

15. MoreThanDogBeds I have been a fan of this merchant on Etsy for a while. My mom has a bed from this brand for each of her dogs and Theodore loves the beds too! Pretty fabrics and quality construction + durability!

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