Holiday Gift Guide: For Parents and In-laws

1 Suitably 24/7 Blazer / 2 First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hand Cream / 3 Custom Photo Mug / 4 Chantal Tea Kettle / 5 Herringbone Throw Blanket / 6 Custom City Needlepoint Pillow / 7 Rope Coasters / 8 Ugg Slipper – Men / 9 Ugg Slipper – Women / 10 Frame splurgeFrame Save / 11 Decorative Towel Set / 12 Peppermint Bark

With Christmas just ten days away I am keeping descriptions below short and easy to digest! You should still be able to get each of these items before Christmas, if you order soon. I tried to include items at various pricepoints. We own or have gifted every item on this list and I can personally attest to each. Don’t hesitate to DM me if you have any questions or need help 🙂

1 Suitably 24/7 Blazer Our best selling, machine washable, 24/7 Blazer has also been a huge hit with moms. Check out one of our Suitably moms styling the 24/7 below!

2 First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream One of the most suitable gifts for 2020 as we’re all washing our hands more now than ever. I gave this cream to my MIL for her birthday. She keeps it in her purse and loves it so much she bought a second one for her desk!

3 Custom Photo Mug This gift is always a good idea! Easy, affordable, thoughtful and will last a long time. Vistaprint makes is extremely easy to create well designed mugs.

4 Chantal Tea Kettle Not only do we own this fantastic tea kettle, but Philip and I have gifted it to both of our mothers. It’s a great size, easy to clean and a gift that will get used often.

5 Herringbone Throw Blanket I love this Sferra herringbown throw because it is very soft, washable, warm, comes in a variety of colors and looks great in just about any room.

6 Custom City Needlepoint Pillow This gift is thoughtful and loved by both my parents and Phil’s parents. Both of our parents have lived in NYC in the past. We gave them this exact pillow which now sits in both of their living rooms. Catstudio has variations of this pillow for several cities and it lends itself well to a thoughtful gift guaranteed to take your parents down memory lane.

7 Rope Coasters I am the biggest fan of Sewcialite’s creations. The owner’s handmade rope coasters are so pretty. While she is no longer taking new holiday orders, her coasters would make a great birthday or valentines gift which will be here before we know it.

8 Ugg Slipper – Men / 9 Ugg Slipper – Women Over the years, Phil and I have purchased these exact slippers for each of our parents. The slippers have gotten alot of love and the quality is awesome. I own a pair and can attest to how warm they are!

10 Frame splurgeFrame Save One of my favorite gifts to give parents and in-laws is a framed picture. We have given this gift several times over the years and we usually select pictures from our wedding and engagement shoot.

11 Decorative Towel Set The towels I linked are already sold out, so I am linking another set that I love and arrives in time for Christmas. The towels add a pop of color to any kitchen and I love that it’s a gift that will get used!

12 Peppermint Bark Good ole’ Williams & Sonoma peppermint bark! It’s an easy to give, delicious gift. If it won’t ship on time to you, you can pick up a box (or a box of another W&S holiday treat) at a store near you.

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