What’s In My Hospital Bag

Outfit Details: Maxi Dress (wearing size XS) // MZ Wallace Tote (5 colors and perfect size for Hospital Bag) // Necklace // Sandals (Hermes Oran, linked similar here)

Note: I will update this post after baby is born with what I actually used in the hospital, things that were a MUST for us, and what we didn’t end up needing!

We are just a few days out from my due date, and all of our bags are all packed for the hospital. I always loved reading other “what’s in my hospital bag” blog posts and am excited to finally share mine! Through the help of recommendations from other labor & delivery nurses, friends and feedback from you guys via Instagram, I’ve got a solid list of what to bring. I am such a planner and I hope that my packing list can serve as a checklist for those of you who are packing your hospital bags or thinking about the future! I made sure to include even the smallest necessary details – like my drivers license and insurance! Tip: I waited until 37 weeks to start packing my hospital bag. Packing took longer than I expected and I wish I had started packing earlier.


My Bag – Hospital Bag Checklist For Mom

I packed many of my items in the MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote. I can’t recommend this tote enough. I searched for a long time for a bag that I could use both for the hospital and after in my life as a new mom. This MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote is the perfect tote bag – it’s very chic, functional, comes in five colors and you can fit an enormous number of items inside. It has five exterior pockets, six interior pockets and comes with three detachable pouches (which I used to hold my toiletries, makeup and electronics).

Clothes & Shoes


  • Makeup bag (Brought some of my favorites (many from Ilia) for an easy, natural look if I want to pull myself together)
  • Erbaviva Lip Balm
  • Brush (This tangle teezer is awesome. Light, washable, easy to pack and brushes nicely)
  • Small bag with products (Mini body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, micellar water, makeup wipes, round cotton pads, razor, qtips, mini deodorant, mini shampoo/conditioner, face moisturizer, face wash, nail file and vitamins)
  • Straightener (Doubt I’ll use this but I always bring one with me for overnight trips – and I have regretted not bringing one in the past)


  • Boppy Nursing pillow (Lots of recommendations to bring a nursing pillow to have support while nursing baby while muscles sore)
  • Nipple butter (Highly recommended, heard this brand is less likely to cause thurs than lanolin)
  • Nursing pads
  • Belly Bandit (Heard it helps you feel secure after birth and was helpful for some of my friends)
  • Heating pad


  • Chargers 10ft charging cable (highly recommended for hospital) 6 foot charging cable and battery pack
  • Favorite blanket, two bath towels, extra pillow (So many recommendations to bring our own from home)
  • Binder to hold important paperwork (Documents for baby’s insurance, pediatrician information, Strep B negative test results, discharge paperwork from hospital)
  • Water bottle (Favorite of mine, was told it is critical to hydrate as soon as contractions start)
  • White noise machine
  • Mini fan
  • Snacks (Thinking sugar free jolly ranchers, mini cliff bars, gatorade, cheezits)
  • Camera (My parents had so many great pictures from my birth, bringing just in case we decide to snap some)
  • Nurses baskets (Will write a blog post on this)
  • Affirmation cards (Suggested by a best friend – positive statements to empower mom to be)
  • Masks
  • Trash bag (To put dirty clothes in)

Phil’s Bag – Hospital Bag Checklist For Dad

  • Ipad with TV show + firestick (Suggested by some to plug into hospital tv)
  • Speaker
  • Three outfits
  • Toiletries bag (Razor, shaving cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, vitamins, deodorant)

Baby’s Bag – Hospital Bag Checklist For Baby

Outfit Details: Maxi Dress (wearing size XS) // MZ Wallace Tote (5 colors and perfect size for Hospital Bag) // Necklace // Sandals (Hermes Oran, linked similar here)

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